Quorn-ish Pasty?

Quorn* with Ginsters have recently brought out a couple of new vegan pasties.

For about 15 years I have found myself buying those newsagent plastic packaged samosas when out and about and stuck for something to eat. These days, you have a lot more choice when in a supermarket but there is still a distinct lack of variety in your typical neighbourhood newsagent – you might find a Jamaican style Pasty or an onion baji but in general, you’re stuck with the greasy triangular samosa with the slightly undercooked potatoes and carrots. While delicious, they also contain about a million calories and get a bit boring. I, therefore, welcome the proliferation of new vegan eatables which have come onto the market. I also very much enjoy the controversy that veganizing traditional British products seems to bring, outrage bristling from red faced meat and two veg eaters, as if their very names are being trampled in the mud. ‘But its not the same if animals are not being tortured’ they splutter, meat sweats pouring off them as they vent their frustration to the World Wide Web.

Onto the reviews

The Quorn Pasty looked pretty unappetising when I opened it up to sample it. The pastry was pale and wet looking.

I zapped it in the microwave for a minute to see if that would improve the outlook but it seems a minute was overkill and the pastry turned to a sloppy consistency.

Biting into it, I was instantly brought back to holidays in my childhood in Cornwall where pasties were a staple dish. It was far too familiar. It made me feel slightly sick. If you want something that does actually taste like the meat equivalent, then this is a good bet. It has matched the cheapness and bland meaty taste expertly.

The Moroccan Pasty on the other hand does not resemble anything made in Morocco at all, despite the bold claims of the ‘chef’ who created it.

While much more edible than the previous Pasty, nothing like this would be found in Morocco. Much like hummus is nowhere to be found in Morocco, despite the claims of supermarket brand Morocco hummus. It simply does not exist. I did however enjoy the mix of flavours and for a pound, I’d say this is a reasonable purchase. In terms of a quick on the go meal or snack, it is not bad. In fact, I’ve gobbled down a couple more since. Not like, at the same time or anything, that would be weird.

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