Eat Falafel at Home. Control the Hunger. Save Money.

Many thanks to guest reviewer James Brown for this post!

Britain in 2020*: it’s like a jungle out there. You’re trying to keep your distance but everyone around you is having street parties, beach parties, clapping manically on their doorsteps,or testing their eyesight in popular tourist destinations.

Sure, you could get takeaway but isn’t it the safest and easiest to get a supermarket delivery, don some rubber gloves, burn the delivery bags, sterilise your kitchen equipment, and cook up a figurative storm in the kitchen?


*This review was actually written in Denmark, where the lockdown has mostly lifted, and people are able to go to restaurants again. However, I have a newborn baby and that’s kind of like an extended quarantine for your life.



Onto the falafel. I purchased Urtekram’s organic falafel with high hopes. Look at the picture on the box, with the various delicious accoutrements. Surely I could create something like this?




I bought some salad leaves, cucumber and, of course, some pitta bread.


I also bought hummus. I’ve often wondered if it’s weird to cover falafel, made primarily from chickpeas, in hummus, which is primarily made from chickpeas? Well, egg mayonnaise is a popular sandwich across the land, and that’s egg within egg. I’m not sure if I’ve answered my question.


I read the Danish instructions on the box to the best of my abilities and got cooking.


The result was this concoction:




Although dry, the falafel did taste nice enough. My wife ate all of hers, so it must have been okay. The pitta was lightly toasted, lending a satisfying crunch to proceedings. The salad added little.


We ate it in front of the TV, watching Killing Eve and luxuriating in quirky, entertaining deaths, while trying to get our daughter to sleep.


Bread 4

Falafel: 3

Salad: 2

Intoxication: 0

Price: 4

Customer Service: 5

Overall: 3





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