1. falafel
    noun: falafel; plural noun: falafels; noun: felafel; plural noun: felafels; noun: felafal; plural noun: felafals
    1. a Middle Eastern dish of spiced mashed chickpeas or other pulses formed into balls or fritters and deep-fried, usually eaten with or in pitta bread.

Falafel, falafel, falafel, falafel falafel. Falafel! We love falafel. This website is for all the falafel lovers out there. Or the falafel-curious. Maybe you don’t know what a falafel is. Hopefully the above description will aid you, if that is the case.

Contact is with your ideas @RateMyFalafel  and ratemyfalafel@gmail.com

We started this project out of a genuine desire to help you find the right falafel. Our journey began last year when we, (2 vegetarian girls or chicas if you will) started walking across Spain and found that the vegetarian or vegan options were severely lacking. What started as a desire to eat something other than stale bread and jarred lentils became our obsession.

2 Girls, one Mission : to find Spain’s best falafel.

It isn’t an easy job, but someone has to do it. We invite you to send in your falafel reviews and/or anecdotes. Have you had an extraordinary falafel experience? Did you fall in love over a falafel? What was your best/worst falafel and why?

Update – we now live back in the UK, Bristol to be precise. But our mission to find decent falafel continues. Please submit your reviews, good or bad!

About Us:


Charlie ‘Falafel’ Brown Novelist and freelance falafel historian, specialising in chickpea production in the modern age, Charlie has spent more time thinking about falafel than is normal. But who says that is a bad thing? She is currently working on a falafel recipe book provisionally entitled “falafelly good.’ She is also writing another book called ‘what the fuck am I doing with my life?’. Stay tuned!

Luna Henderson

Falafel journalist Luna is always on the hunt for new hummus, falafel or chickpea related stories. She doesn’t have time for much else- there’s enough on her plate as it is!

contact is with your ideas @RateMyFalafel OR ratemyfalafel@gmail.com

Fun Facts! 🙂

hummus bbq

Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) originated in the Middle East, the region of the world whose varied food cultures still heavily rely upon this high protein legume. The first record of garbanzo beans being consumed dates back about seven thousand years. They were first cultivated around approximately 3000 BC. Their cultivation began in the Mediterranean basin and subsequently spread to India and Ethiopia.

Eating falafel means you are consuming a vegetable (chickpeas) that is known to be low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Furthermore, you are eating a vegetable that is known to be a great source of fibre, protein, copper and folate.

I was just taking a dip in the swimming pool when the lifeguard asked, “What have you got there?”

I replied, “Hummus.”

Contact us at ratemyfalafel@gmail.com if you wish to submit a falafel review. I am sick to death of eating falafel so we could really use some fresh blood.











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