Size Does Matter

Rush rush rush. Where has the time gone? There is certainly a faster pace of life here, I must say. We’ve been back in the UK for a few months, but the falafels have been fewer and far-er between. Needless-to-say, we did manage to enjoy a very large one in ….London, on the day of the Anti- Austerity March on June 20th, The most interesting thing to happen was a small bonfire of placards at the end:

IMGA0852 IMGA0833

an interview with Russia Today, and of course a very large Falafel. Size DOES matter :

IMGA0856  IMGA0858

I mean. Just look at the size of it!!!


The next morning it looked less appealing…


Location – very convenient (near a friends house, somewhere in London)

Intoxication- 5/5

Bread- unsure, drunk

Falafel itself – we were drunk

Salad- good range including jalepenos- 4/5

Size- 5/5

Stay Tuned for Rate My Falafel does Bristol.

***Do you have a falafel story you want to share? Please let us know, where-ever you may be! Falafel without borders! Falafel Sin Fronteras!


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