Falafel in the time of corona virus

By anonymous. N. B this was written BEFORE the outbreak in Spain and subsequent lock down in all European countries. Stay tuned for quarantine falafel updates next week. After yet another sodden, freezing and windy week in London (storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge had visited) combined with toilet-paper hoarding Coronavirus mass panic, I boarded an... Continue Reading →

Another Disappointing Falafel

Yeah, all falafel in Spain is shit. Why do they insist on microwaving it? Why is there never any hummus? I had forgotten what it was like, the hopeful beginning followed by the disappointing end. I don't know why I do it to myself sometimes. I was in a new city, Valencia, spending a week... Continue Reading →

The Final Mountain- The Climax of the Camino de Santiago

You lot may or may not know but the writers of ratemyfalafel.com did a very long walk to some old church in Northern Spain. It was along this journey that the idea for Rate My Falafel came about, as we became increasingly distressed by the lack of vegan food. So here's what we found at... Continue Reading →

When in Doubt, Get a Falafel.

I was accidentally in Madrid. The only person I knew in the city claimed to be too 'dizzy' to meet up with me. And I remembered how much I hate big cities. The appeal of large majestic buildings and contemporary art was lost to me after one of the most horrific hitching experiences of my... Continue Reading →

Fire-y Falafel

My profuse apologies to followers of Rate My Falafel for the recent gap in the production of falafel based reviews. It turns out that sleeping on sofas/caravans with no internet isn't entirely conducive to regular reviews. Now bored out of my brain in the village my parents live in, where the rain is endless and... Continue Reading →

The Best Way To Make Falafel

I'd really gone and done it this time. I was 9km from the nearest village of non-falafel bearing potential, for the next week at least. The taste of my last Falafal was fading fast- I slipped one in while I was in Malaga the previous night, review to come later. Hint- disappointing. I was staying... Continue Reading →

Falafel Friday

It had been almost 2 weeks since our last falafel, which, as documented before, had been mediocre. To say we were looking forward to Falafel Friday would be an understatement. All week we had been discussing amongst ourselves how to carry out the next falafel experiment. We kept being given conflicting views on the 'best... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Special

Note: We meant to publish this straight away after Valentine's Day and do the hash tag /social media thing. But we didn't, because we are too disorganised for this modern world. Because a woman needs humous in a falafel like a fish needs a bicycle… oh, wait. Happy Valentine’s Day 2015. We celebrated with dinner,... Continue Reading →

Shawarma Estambul- A Falafel for the Journey

"Shawarma Estambul" Calle San Bernardo 11207 Algeciras, Cádiz, Andalucia It was raining hard. A careless driver had splashed me harshly as I rushed to a cash point, soaking me from the knees down. I had a four hour bus journey ahead of me, and fifteen minutes to spare. I could definitely squeeze one in. I... Continue Reading →

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