Greek Falafels (Athens Part 2). took a trip to Athens in March to sample the growing number of falafel eateries in the capital city. Well, we went there to volunteer for ECHO refugee library, who provide a library service to migrants/refugees in and around Athens, but the real reason was of course to get falafel. It would be ludicrous... Continue Reading →


Guest Review- London Town

Mermaid Fish Bar : 189 Lower Clapton Road London E5 8EGHackney Downs It was Wednesday evening. We had spent it pleasantly watching 'noise' in an old church in Hackney. As we tiredly trudged home, almost deaf after the intense wall of noise we had experienced, hunger rumbled in our bellies and I decided to pop... Continue Reading →

F*****l the police

Falafel- I spied it straight away as I was lead into the Jungle. The sign that lifted me out of the temporary depression from the night before, which had lead me to several different take-aways only to end up with chips, again. Where was the falafel? Luckily, the Jungle had the answer. I made a... Continue Reading →

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