Guest Review- London Town

Mermaid Fish Bar : 189 Lower Clapton Road London E5 8EGHackney Downs It was Wednesday evening. We had spent it pleasantly watching 'noise' in an old church in Hackney. As we tiredly trudged home, almost deaf after the intense wall of noise we had experienced, hunger rumbled in our bellies and I decided to pop... Continue Reading →

International Falafels

Well its been a busy and jet setting few months here at Falafel Central. From Belgium to Sweden, Copenhagen to Ireland and Ibiza thrown in, we really are dedicated to giving YOU, THE READER, a full spectrum of Falafel. Taking advantage of Ryan Airs obscenely cheap flights from Bristol to Dublin, we flew into the... Continue Reading →

February Falafels

Once the initial optimism of January fades away - (no drinking, gym 3 times a week) we are left with February- cold, bitter, and disappointed. You can't be bothered to exercise after work, or cook. Its time for a falafel to eat and Netflix for company. Here is a summary of the month's falafel, not... Continue Reading →

Rule No.1- You don’t eat a Falafel with a Knife and Fork

On Sunday night (7th) I found myself tucking into a falafel, on a plate, with a knife and fork. I was like David Cameron and his famous hot dog (just writing that makes me think of his other pork based activities, ugh). No, no, the reason was much more reasonable that that- the falafel (or... Continue Reading →

Rate My Falafel Goes Upmarket

It was our last day in Edinburgh. December 27th.  It was time for a traditional Christmas Falafel. And it wouldn't be one of them '£3 plus chips' malarky neither. We at Rate My Falafel, had gone upmarket. We had gone to.... a restaurant. But why were we going to a restaurant, in Edinburgh of all... Continue Reading →

Another Disappointing Falafel

Yeah, all falafel in Spain is shit. Why do they insist on microwaving it? Why is there never any hummus? I had forgotten what it was like, the hopeful beginning followed by the disappointing end. I don't know why I do it to myself sometimes. I was in a new city, Valencia, spending a week... Continue Reading →

The Final Mountain- The Climax of the Camino de Santiago

You lot may or may not know but the writers of did a very long walk to some old church in Northern Spain. It was along this journey that the idea for Rate My Falafel came about, as we became increasingly distressed by the lack of vegan food. So here's what we found at... Continue Reading →

Guess That’s Why They Call it Window PAIN.

It had been a disastrous few weeks in My New Bristol Life, with everything ranging from being fired in my first week of work, getting the clap..., getting caught shoplifting and breaking my own bedroom window. Read all about it here, in my other blog where I mainly complain about things. However, I think you... Continue Reading →

Size Does Matter

Rush rush rush. Where has the time gone? There is certainly a faster pace of life here, I must say. We've been back in the UK for a few months, but the falafels have been fewer and far-er between. Needless-to-say, we did manage to enjoy a very large one in ....London, on the day of... Continue Reading →

When in Doubt, Get a Falafel.

I was accidentally in Madrid. The only person I knew in the city claimed to be too 'dizzy' to meet up with me. And I remembered how much I hate big cities. The appeal of large majestic buildings and contemporary art was lost to me after one of the most horrific hitching experiences of my... Continue Reading →

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