Fire-y Falafel

My profuse apologies to followers of Rate My Falafel for the recent gap in the production of falafel based reviews. It turns out that sleeping on sofas/caravans with no internet isn't entirely conducive to regular reviews. Now bored out of my brain in the village my parents live in, where the rain is endless and... Continue Reading →

Fami Falafel

Many thanks to our friend Ken for this review, and for being our first guest contributor! Kebab de la Fami Calle Elvira Granada It has proven to be a challenge choosing between around 10 establishments serving falafel in calle Elvira, Granada, because they all offer pretty much the same snacks for the same prices (RMF’s... Continue Reading →

Falafel Friday

It had been almost 2 weeks since our last falafel, which, as documented before, had been mediocre. To say we were looking forward to Falafel Friday would be an understatement. All week we had been discussing amongst ourselves how to carry out the next falafel experiment. We kept being given conflicting views on the 'best... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Special

Note: We meant to publish this straight away after Valentine's Day and do the hash tag /social media thing. But we didn't, because we are too disorganised for this modern world. Because a woman needs humous in a falafel like a fish needs a bicycle… oh, wait. Happy Valentine’s Day 2015. We celebrated with dinner,... Continue Reading →

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