Born in the NHS

You can tell that austerity has hit hospitals hard. There was a distinct lack of falafel on offer at the canteen and cafĂ©. I had to get my husband to run out to a shop to bring my me post birth falafel and houmous. What a disgrace, brexit couldn't come soon enough. Soon all that... Continue Reading →

Another Disappointing Falafel

Yeah, all falafel in Spain is shit. Why do they insist on microwaving it? Why is there never any hummus? I had forgotten what it was like, the hopeful beginning followed by the disappointing end. I don't know why I do it to myself sometimes. I was in a new city, Valencia, spending a week... Continue Reading →

When in Doubt, Get a Falafel.

I was accidentally in Madrid. The only person I knew in the city claimed to be too 'dizzy' to meet up with me. And I remembered how much I hate big cities. The appeal of large majestic buildings and contemporary art was lost to me after one of the most horrific hitching experiences of my... Continue Reading →

Fire-y Falafel

My profuse apologies to followers of Rate My Falafel for the recent gap in the production of falafel based reviews. It turns out that sleeping on sofas/caravans with no internet isn't entirely conducive to regular reviews. Now bored out of my brain in the village my parents live in, where the rain is endless and... Continue Reading →

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