3 Falafel’s and a Mcdonald’s

Having not had Falafel in ages, due to having a year long aversion to anything with flavour, I decided to go on a wild Falafel binge a few weeks ago. I was staying in London and couldn’t resist the call of Falafel, a comforting presence as the cold nights draw in and the rain starts to fall. And London is full of Falafel friendly places. The first one I consumed was in a pub of all places, the Kings Head in Enfield Town. I didn’t have particularly high expectations and so was actually pleasantly surprised. It was very tightly wrapped and wasn’t made from nice thick traditional middle Eastern bread, but it was flavoursome, had hummus, and, crucially, wasn’t too dry. It also came with a very sizable portion of chips, which were of excellent quality. I scoffed the lot, and was really full after. 6.5 / 10 9 Market Place, London EN2 6LL

Having not had a decent falafel in a very long time, if set me off on a ravounius rampage of falafel for the subsequent week. Just the very next day I went to see some of my cousins in a very trendy place called café 1001 on Brick Lane. The sort of trendy where its all exposed pipes and is quite cold. I think falafel was the only vegan option, but I may be completely wrong about that. It was a pre – wrapped jobby, made with a beetroot infused wrap. Again, it wasn’t a traditional wrap but it was very tasty, with all the essentials in the mixed salad and good amount of hummus as well as the non dry falafel, and good, even spacing. It wasn’t the best falafel by any stretch but it filled a hole and I gobbled it all up once more. 6/10.

The final falafel was sampled at the café of Enfield Town playpark cafe and softplay. . We’d ducked in there was it started to tip it down with rain and to my amazement I noticed they offered a falafel wrap. Not being able to resist it, and despite not being particularly hungry, I tucked into it with gusto. This time it was proper Turkish bread with fried falafel and a fresh salad. I gave this one 8/10.

Now, at this point I’d eaten quite a lot of falafal in quite a short space of time. However, I’d had a hankering to try the McDonald’s plant based burger for quite a while now so I managed to persuade my mother-in-law to experience it with me. Unfortunately, hers didn’t turn up( minus points for incompetence) so I was forced to dig in alone while we waited for the redelivery. It was actually really good, flavourwise. It tastes exactly like what I remember from eating them as a non vegan youth. I thinks it’s the gherkins. Anyway, it was slightly cold as we got them delivered and my mother-in-law described it as making her more hungry the more she ate. Due to that, and the fact that McDonald’s are a terribly evil corporation, I will continue to avoid them, Unless in an emergency. Stick to falafel!


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