Biblos: round 2

A disappointing Falafel

I’d arranged to go to a Spanish /English language exchange with a friend, which happened to be near by one of my fave falafel haunts in Bristol. Admittedly in fact it was one of the reasons I’d decided to make the trek over to stokes croft, the close proximity to delicious falafel-y goodness. After doing really quite well at the language (no humiliating exchanges at least), we decided to escape from the far too enthusiastic Màlageño who wouldn’t leave my 6 month baby alone (it was too much. Everyone likes a baby but no need to get weird). Into the Falafel shop we fled.

I was immediately disappointed to learn (from the Falafel server who really couldn’t give a f**k) that you could no longer get a half and half wrap, and that they’d gotten rid of the roasted vegetables option entirely. The price had also shot up, but that’s to be expected in these difficult times.

So for a hefty £6.75 I got a hefty Falafel wrap. My friend chose the vegan fried chicken. We were both annoyed to discover that the wraps hadn’t been wrapped properly at all, and I immediately spilt a large amount of dressing all over my leggings. Speaking of the dressing, it was the best thing about the Falafel experience – nice and garlic-y and with a load of coriander in there too. The Falafel itself wasn’t bad but the distribution of the falafel and salad was poor, and the ratio of salad to falafel was also off. I ended up with a lot of Falafel at the bottom of my wrap. The salad was alright, nice and crisp and fresh, and I was certainly full afterwards, but on the whole, I went away feeling a bit didn’t help that we were under the watchful eyes of the local police, as 2 coppers were hanging out there the whole time we were there – is Biblos now a popular police spot? Let us know in the comments below!

Stokes croft, Bristol

Bread – 3/5
Salad – 3/5
Falafel – 3/5
Customer service – 2/5


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