Finnish that falafel

Thank you to our regular contributor Marie for this post.

After a 3 year hiatus, it was time to try flying again with the offer of a berth and company in Helsinki. Gatwick was reputed to be like hell on a bad day but the reality was logistically fine. But I’d forgotten what a humongous FAFF airports, departure gates and planes are. But, given the delights that greeted me in Finland – with its groovy young dancing PM and endless islands lakes and forests – it was worth it. Helsinki and surrounds, in summer, are immediately welcoming to Vegans with varied salads, enormous availability – often in the form of groaningly diverse and delicious lunch buffets where you pay a set price, and a home-grown Falafel chain called Fafa.

After a long day’s driving to see part of the lovely archipelago south of the former capital Turku (one of many jaunts possible from Helsinki) I was gasping for sustenance. Fafa claims to be carbon neutral- (just as well after my 6 hour car round trip ) and they have a variety of falafel in pita or boxed options including harissa. I opted for a simple takeaway Pita with falafel, Salad and hummus and no sauces.

Like everything in Finland it was absolutely extortionate at €9.50, but was delicious with lots of falafels and thick tasty hummus. Bread was a bit tough but nice enough. Apparently there are now 35 Fafas in Finland and beyond – so I’m sure I’ll be trying them again.

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