Seaside falafel

You must have noticed the deafening falafel related silence over the last year, dear readers. The truth is, my baby hates falafel (and hummus). I wasn’t able to eat anything chickpea related for my entire pregnancy, or anything containing garlic or spices. In fact, I lived almost entirely off potato waffles and vegan sausage rolls. And despite the many messages I received from friends and foe alike, bragging of their recent falafels consumed, their reviews failed to materialise,with rubbish excuses like ‘they forgot to take a photo’ or claiming to be otherwise engaged.

However, now that I am 3 months post partum, I’m starting to feel less sick, my hair is falling out in clumps, so my hormones must be settling. I can restart my falafel journey! World, I am back.

We made an epic journey to Deal in Kent to visit some family (a journey that took about 6 hours, with the delays in Dover and with 2 children both soiling themselves at different times). As soon as we arrived, takeaway falafel, hummus, salad and bread was shoved into our eager hands, us having been 2 hours late and therefore too late to dine with the rest of the family.

The restaurant that it came from, Aspendos, is a Turkish place that has reviewed before ( see here). But it’s been a long time and things change. The best thing about it was probably the quantity, there was loads of delicious flat bread and a massive tub of hummus,the salad was enormous and quite varied, with rice and falafel mixed in. However, the falafel itself, while flavoursome, could have been crispier. Perhaps it would have tasted better hot.

Aspendos Turkish restaurant, Deal, Kent

Falafel – 3/5
Bread – 4/5
Salad – 3/5
Hummus 4/5


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