Border town falafel

Abu Naeem Falafel

Thank you to this week’s guest blogger Sereen for this second installment of falafels sampled in the UAE!

Driving to the border of Oman for the monthly visa renewal, a pit stop at Abu Naeem is a must! Positioned conveniently close to the border of Oman and serving up delicious, fresh falafels, Abu Naeem is a warming comfort of goodness amidst a long journey and somewhat anxiety inducing process. They are known for their crunchy, tiny little falafel bites that are always cooked fresh and given in a bag alongside the main meal. Their wraps are perfectly seasoned, topped with tahini and include a few fries tucked in alongside the falafel. A perfect treat to ease the tedious bureaucracy and a sure favourite amongst the locals who know what makes a good falafel.


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