New year, new falafel

Let’s be honest – it’s been tough. Any festive plans foolish enough to be made were dashed by the virus. The only way to live seems to be spontaneously, apart from the daily lateral flow tests which are now a fixed routine ( when available). So as we headed into New Year’s Eve (anxious and FOMO-filled in the best of years, with the added fear now of scuppering someone else’s trip/health/work) the only thing to do was to stick to basic plans that could not make us devastatingly disappointed if dashed. A quiet meal with friends, outside if possible, windows open, and involving falafel. We opted for a Just Eat delivery from the relatively new Turkish, Aspendos in Deal, in Kent. We were staying a little further down the coast and were delighted to be able to book a delivery in these  “everything-now”, times.
Everything was well wrapped and hot even after quite some time – the poor delivery guy was trying to find our house and could not get through on the phone as we were busy wishing everyone in other time zones a “happy new year”.  The falafel itself was sitting on a bed of hummus, and Turkish bread strips were included.. I was glad to have made salad and picked cabbage myself as the mezze portion of falafel was frankly measly. 4 falafel balls for 6 pounds. At that price I’d expected more and hadn’t opted for the full meal version at £12.50.

The falafel themselves were delicious. I’ve eaten before in the restaurant and been very happy and stuffed with the portions – so why the sudden stinginess? But in the spirit of the age and New Year, I was grateful for them existing at all, being delivered, and having the chance to share with friends. Our carnivorous friends chomped on chunks of lamb that came with rice and a cous cous , and were very happy. Here’s to more meet ups and healthy people eating healthy food in 2022! Happy New Year.

Many thanks to Marie @planteatingposts for this well needed post. The editor wishes to apologise for the falafel hiatus of recent times. This is because the very idea of falafel / hummus makes her want to be very very sick. #morningsicknessalldaylong


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