Funky Falafel

Westgate Street, Gloucester every Friday also at Stroud Farmers Market on a Saturday.

Many thanks to Miss J for this review!

It was an hour after having had a mediocre lunch that I spotted the Funky Falafel stall at the Friday Farmer’s Market in  Gloucester. I assessed my fullness and concluded that it would not do the falafel any justice to try and force it down. I vowed that the following Friday I would return. The week went by slowly as I fantasized about the falafel. During lockdown I had had exactly zero falafel and it was starting to take its toll. Finally falafel Friday arrived.

I had already demanded that I go on the first lunch break at work, I had some serious ratemyfalafel business that could not wait (and also no one wants a hangry me facing the public). As I stood in the queue I was faced with a dilemma: the falafel wrap or the falafel salad. In the past year or so gluten had wreaked havoc on my life. I couldn’t really chance a gluten mishap whilst at work… it’s a fair walk to the toilet, with potential question asking visitors to deal with, and countless entry codes to type in. I decided it would be safest to go for the falafel salad. But as I waited for the person in front of me to be served, the provider of falafel pulled out the laffa bread of dreams and  placed it on the heater. Well, my heart stopped for a second. If I was going to risk an awkward situation at work I would risk it for this gorgeous looking bread. When I got the the front I blurted out “one falafel wrap please.” 
What a delight that wrap was. The falafel was crispy on the outside, the salad was colourful and full of variety, the heat from the hot sauce was just right, and the laffa bread… well there are no words.

Worth every slight discomfort and dodgy tummy antics from the gluten I had that day. I spent the rest of my shift in a blissful after food glow.

Intoxication: 0/5 (lunch break and i am a professional!)Bread 6/5 yeah you read that right 6 out of 5Falafel 5/5Salad 5/5


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