Vegan bite

Vegan Bite

Thank you to this week’s guest reviewer Old Father Thames (not real name). If you have a different perspective on Greggs Steak Bake, please let us know at

It seems easy to stay the same, stick to what you know and be happily stuck in your ways. But it’s no good – everything around you changes and so do you – even if you don’t notice or choose to acknowledge it. The status quo is a fleeting stasis to be treated like the hands of a clock – as a reference point from which to move on. Which brings me neatly to Greggs Vegan Steak Bite.

The pain of the pandemic has been eased of late by the reopening of Greggs. Already a favourite of meat eaters, Greggs now is the nation’s leading vegan snack provider following its development of its legendary Vegan Sausage Roll, a fat filled snack to satisfy even the most fastidious meat free feeder. More recently it has branched out to create a vegan version of its popular ‘Steak bite’.

Th editor has asked me, as a fan of the same, to test the vegan version and to answer the question on all our lips – is it any good?

Now I’m a meat eater and consume very little nonmeat apart from a Falafel (of course). Would I carnivore connoisseur be satisfied by a Vegan alternative? Could I move on and discard the steak? Could I change?


The Vegan Steak Bite is not bad, is looks and feels like a Steak Bite but inside it’s more mince than steak really- so lacking chewiness. It’s also slightly bland without enough harmful saltiness – the gravy needs work . Also, it could have been a bit fuller

I did, however, eat most of it and if you want a change from the old SR its worth a punt.

Would I prefer it to a Steak Bite?, Sadly no, but would happily go for it if needs must, because, as I have learnt from bitter experience , that any pie is better than no pie and that will never change.

Preparing to bite – for a change
Not as full as it could be

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  1. I really like the vegan sausage roll. It’s usually hot too, a real bonus. I’m not a vegan but with the vegan sausage roll being to tip top I was keen to try the vegan steak pasties. I wasn’t keen. It was okay and to be fair I don’t really eat many steak pasties so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. For me the gravy was too much. I wasn’t expecting mince style and it was all a bit sloppy and the flavour too rich. Perhaps a vegan chicken and mushroom style pasty would be a better bet fot Greggs.

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