Falafel firsts

IMG-20200227-WA0010Tis a proud day for any parent when their little ones takes their first… Bite of falafel. I’d been waiting impatiently for our baby to be ready to eat solid food and decided that on his 6 month birthday we would give him his first foray into the world of fried chickpeas. I was nervous. What if he didn’t like it? What of he preferred a steak? There are so many hurdles that we face as parents and this would certainly test the limits of our strength. It was time. We’d sang happy birthday and the balloons had been half heartedly played with.

The falafel moment had arrived. He had sampled a few spoonfuls of plain soya yoghurt first and was ready for the main course – falafel from Aksular https://www.aksularenfieldtown.co.uk. We were in his grandparents house in Enfield for his birthday so we went with a takeaway vegan Turkish order from a place sampled before – the quality was good. We also got plenty of delicious bread, an aubergine dish and a bean dish.

IMG-20200313-WA0015I held my breath as his grandma let him cautiously sample the fried ball. His face took on a serious air. He was concentrating hard. Disgust briefly passed over his face as he backed away from the strange new food. But then, miraculously, his face changed.. He wanted more! He had another bite, then another, until he’d almost eaten an entire falafel ball! I relaxed, relieved. He would grow to follow in my footsteps, a true chickpea connoisseur.


Update : a second falafel eating attempt did not go so well. Projectile vomit ensued. I remain optimistic, however.

Note: this took place before new rules about family gatherings!

Call out for entries!

Are you stuck in quarantine without falafel? Have you had any good falafel deliveries during this trying time? Leave us a comment or email your reviews at ratemyfalafel@gmail.com



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