All you can eat falafel


‘I never thought I’d say it, but they give you far too much falafel’ my friend uttered sadly, looking at his still half full plate. The rest of us nodded grimly, fixated on finishing our portions. None of us could bear the thought of leaving falafel or other mezze on our plates, unfinished. The waste would be shameful.

We had come to ‘Baba Ganoush Kitchen’, a trendy and arty restaurant which, as I write this, I realise I have been to and reviewed Before. But it was in a different place, confusingly. They moved from Easton to St Pauls, to a location just by the entrance to junction 3 of the m32. Bit weird, but whatever.


I arrived first and shared a brief panicky conversation with a nervous girl who was quite rightly concerned that the all you can eat might not be on due to a confusing sign, but we were soon reassured by other diners.


My friends arrived. The reason we had gathered this bright and sunny winters day was due to a ‘wriggle‘ deal (cheap /discounted food deal website), where you could get all-you-can-eat vegan mezze for just £3.50. It was a bargain to good to ignore (and I need very little excuse to eat falafel).

The place was heaving, with people all crowding in with their plates ready, to tuck into what looked like a delicious spread. I’d brought the biggest plate I could find (think Alan Partridge and his 14inch plate) and had gone for a jog to create a healthy appetite.

The falafel itself in my opinion was slightly dry, but the ludicrous amount of very tasty hummus and baba ganoush helped with that and the stuffed vine leaves were very nice indeed. Despite being very full from an enormous platter that included spiced potato, rice and lentils as well as bread, we all went back for seconds, desperate to get the most out of the deal. This is what lead us to staring at our plates in horror, as we wondered why we had done that, and yet all still finishing it all off anyway.

We definitely got our moneys worth.

Bread – 2/5

Falafel – 3/5

Salads and sauces- 5/5

Inebriation – bone dry, ala

Service – with a smile



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