What the falafel? End of year falafel 2019


It’s been a busy old year and as a result, falafel has had to take a back seat. I know,  I know, must reassess my priorities in 2020 and get back on the falafel wagon. I will summarise here the rest of the years (mainly) disappointing falafel.

My trip to Copenhagen for my brother’s wedding lead to yet another poor quality falafel experience. I’m not saying it overshadowed or ruined the wedding, but frankly, it did. After the wedding festivities were over we headed back to the inappropriately decorated air bnb we’d rented as a family and got takeaway. Naturally I went for falafel. The dry balls lacked any hummus and as the salad came covered in some sort of mayonnaise based sauce and no bread, I just ate them solo. There’s only so many you can eat before getting a dry mouth. Luckily there was ample prosecco to wash it down, which softened the blow. 



As we all know, Christmas time is a nightmare of consumerism and the centre of town is to be avoided at all costs, especially with a young baby in tow. It would be no exaggeration to say that the only thing making it bearable was the opportunity to frequent ‘eat a pitta’ and get a falafel while making some essential purchases (everything else done online, as is the modern way). Even the ‘Eat a Pitta’ was a little crapper than usual, lacking the same desirability in winter as it did in summer. In winter I need something hot and preferably a pie. Falafel pie would be ideal.


Then, Christmas itself. There was no falafel in sight! Staying with the in laws, I was horrified to discover that falafel wasn’t a part of the traditional Xmas menu and I had failed to bring my own.

It was a small comfort when I opened my Xmas present to find this :


Falafel t shirt, which my brother told me that money went to ‘some Syrian women or something’. On further investigation it turned out that proceeds for the t-shirt went to :


So there you have it. 2019 has been a tumultuous year and the end to a interesting decade. One notable advance in 2019 was the long awaited addition of a falafel emoji – about time too! Let’s see what the 20s will bring – hopefully some decent falafel!



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