Do crisps count?

Many thanks to miss j. for this post!

I had a very posh day out with my Latin and Ancient history class to Lydney Park, a 17th Century country estate, which is home to a Roman temple and bath.

After exploring the grounds we paid a visit to the tea room. An array of spectacular cakes greeted us as we walked in, however, to my dismay none were vegan. A fellow student blurted out “what do vegans even eat?” to which I rolled my eyes and said something passive-aggressive about not eating corpses. I try not to be “that vegan” but it only works when I am not hangry. Unfortunately, in this case, the vegan had nothing to eat besides a jacket potato and beans. I settled for a black coffee, knowing that soon I would be somewhere with more options. Back home, a little bit too hungry, I stumbled into Marks and Spencer.

There I found a half-price falafel and hummus combo. I made my way to the riverside where I found a bench shaded by a tree. Not far from me a man played country music on his radio and teenagers carried out obvious drug deals. My falafel was straight from the fridge, so it was cold. It was dry as well. The hummus was alright though. There was quite a bit of hummus left and I used it to dip my sweet chili crisps. Would I have these again? Yes, they’re a quick handy snack. Perhaps next time I’d buy a bread roll and make a bit more of a meal out of it.

jen fal3

Falafel: 3/5

Hummus: 3/5

Intoxication level: 0/5

Salad: Do crisps count? 5/5


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