It’s a…baby

Yep, that’s right, my rapidly expanding waistline wasn’t entirely due to my excessive falafel consumption in recent months. Every time I go for a check or scan, I am mildly surprised that my bump does, in fact, contain a human baby, and not a large ball of falafel (as previously suspected). As a slightly paranoid individual, it came as a relief when my friends baked me a cake, also to reassure me that it was indeed a baby that I was carrying and not falafel. It is a concern for those of us who consume so much of the deep-fried chickpea delicacy- there can only be so many eaten before you start to resemble one. Or grow one in your womb.

The quantity of falafel eaten during this pregnancy would surprise no-one – luckily, I haven’t been one of those people who suddenly hates the things they used to love. No weird cravings either, except for pastries. A lot of pastries.  But falafel has indeed been a constant during this trying period of my life. Pregnancy is no picnic. Anyone who says they enjoy it is a liar.


Even my baby shower featured 2 different types of falafel (and multiple pots of houmous). Other highlights from the baby shower included decorating babygro’s with anarcho-feminist messages and laughing about phallic vegetables.


But in general, I have opted for Eat a Pitta (reviewed a few months ago). This is because it is cheap and convenient, and frankly, delicious. Also, as I have been trying to avoid bread, it has worked out very nicely. The 3 falafel and one or two salad box (£2.20-£2.90) are ample and satisfying, and because they are a chain, they seem to be everywhere (in Bristol). Sometimes I loop around and get another free sample as well as they are always giving out free falafels. It’s a falafel lovers dream.

Here are some photos of the different salad boxes I have enjoyed in the last few weeks.




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