I’m not basic

I hate to be so basic but I’m partial to chain restaurants. The predictability suits my anxious nature. I had come to Gloucester for some training and as lunch approached I googled for a trusty old Pret. But to my dismay I was informed that the nearest Pret was in Cheltenham. How do people of Gloucester cope? Where do they go for their predictable sandwiches and soups. I was at a loss. That is until I walked past a sign outside a cafe called Tarbosh advertising vegan falafel wraps!

jenn falafel 4

The only problem was this wasn’t a chain. My hunger fought with my anxiety. Was I going to wonder around Gloucester getting increasingly more fatigued and hangry or was I going to brave it and try somewhere different! I knew that I could use this experience for ratemyfalafel, which is an important thing to factor into any meal decision making. I entered the cafe and was greeted by the friendly staff. I made my request for a vegan falafel wrap with no cucumber and sat down.

The establishment was nicely furnished and had a homely vibe. All was well so far. My falafel arrived on a really nice plate. However the side salad contained the dreaded cucumber..I picked up the wrap to inspect and thankfully there was no cucumber inside. I was pleased that a side of hummus was provided topped with an olive.

The falafel was crispy and had an inviting green inside. I would’ve liked a little more flavour but otherwise it was good. The wrap was tightly wrapped and grilled to ensure its stability.

jenn falafel 3

Rating : 4/5 Price: 3/5 (£5.50 felt a bit steep although the ingredients were fresh)

Bread: 3.5/5 it was OK it didn’t add or subtract from the experience

Intoxication: 0

Customer service:4/5


Thanks to Miss Jennifer W for this guest post!


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