Self-Pity “Pizza – Falafel” Party

Thanks to Miss J.W for this guest post!

It had been a pretty wasteful day. My heart was filled with an unexplainable sorrow. On returning home it was discovered that the kitchen was bare except for a frozen Goodfellas Falafel Pizza. This had been purchased with great excitement months ago but on inspection I had developed an aversion to trying it. Since my mood was one of despair not easily improved or worsened, I felt it this would be the perfect time to embark on a potentially disappointing culinary experience.

pizza falafel 3

I took the pizza out of the box and was taken by the brightness of the spinach and red pepper. The attractive element was short lived as I remembered a particularly repugnant pizza with spinach I had recently. I put the pizza in the oven and sat down in the living room to reruns of the Kardashians. The smell emanating from the kitchen was surprisingly pleasant which reminded me that I had forgotten to put the timer on. I put it in for a further 10 minutes. This seemed to be okay although my pizza was slightly crispy. I reluctantly took a bite and was met with a mediocre falafel but it was not bad. I added some Naga Chilli salt (I like my food to make me cry) and dipped the rest in vegan mayonnaise and Cholula hot sauce I would say my initial apprehension was probably a bit dramatic and the pizza wasn’t too bad. The bread was good especially since it was a little crispy.

The falafel didn’t make much of an impact taste wise and one could be forgiven if you forgot there was falafel on there at all.

All in all for something quick and more importantly for something to dip into Hellman’s delicious vegan mayonnaise I would say this pizza has its place. Would I buy it again? Probably not but if someone served it to me I wouldn’t recoil in horror.

Review – 3/ 5.

Bread 3/5

Salad 2.5/5 not a fan of spinach on pizza and the red pepper didn’t taste as good as red pepper can taste

Intoxication 0/5

Price 4/5 cheap

Customer Service 1/5


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