ASDA Vs “Second House Products”

Times are tough in the household. How were we to know that not paying our council tax bill since October would result in us having to pay a massive amount all at once? We had to tighten our belts. It was packet bought, value falafel for us.

We decided to have a falafel off, a taste comparison between #ASDA* value frozen oven baked falafel (18 for £1.50) and a packet ‘just add water’ malarkey (also priced at £1.50).

asda falafel

Initially the idea was to have a simple wrap with a bit of hummus and the falafel, plus chili sauce. However, as more guests turned up for what was initially going to be a casual affair, more effort was put in and we made an elaborate salad. Possibly the best salad I have ever had! It had walnuts and the like- guests provided the salad ingredients, we are, as previously mentioned, very poor.

salad prepared

But first, to the falafel. We were horrified to read on the pack ‘just add water’ type that it required an oven temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit, almost double what our oven reached. After much deliberation, and discussion over frying them instead, we just chucked them in with the ASDA ones which had much clearer instructions.

me scared packet
380 degrees. horrifying.

They both tasted crap, but to a varying degree. The packet stuff was really hard, like, rock hard- imagine if we had turned the oven up even higher? Something not right there, think we.  And, on carrying out some quick investigative journalism, we discovered that “second house” are a company from Lebanon, specializing in Mediterranean foods! Why wasn’t it better designed? BUT, it had a bit more flavour than the Asda ones, which were softer but really quite bland. What can you expect really, from ASDA? I don’t think I have ever had anything from that beast of a multinational corporation that didn’t taste like total shit. Even the Linda McCartney sausages that must be same in every shop, taste wrong when bought from ASDA. It’s like their lack of morals and total bastard-ary leak into all the food, sucking up all that is good in the world and spits it out again. Luckily the delicious salad and homemade hummus disguised the taste.

making the mush


Texture – 2/5

Flavour – 1/5

Ethics –  minus points x million


Second House Packaged Stuffed

Texture – 1/5

Flavour- 2/5

Ethics- unsure of this company. the little fruit and veg shop we bought it from are lovely tho- 3/5















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