Rate My Falafel Does Social Media

Two years of RATE MY FALAFEL has passed. Two glorious falafel-ly years. It was time to go SOCIAL MEDIA. That’s right, we at RATEMYFALAFEL.COM have got our very own Twitter and Instagram!!!

Now, I’m not one of those old fashioned stick in the mud type people who REFUSE to move with the times, but as I don’t even own one of those smart phone malarky’s, I thought I would delegate my social media presence to my younger and cooler friends. I simply don’t have time, when there are falafel’s to be eaten and scathing reviews to be published.

To celebrate this new modern take on the takeaway, we decided to treat ourselves to…yep, you guessed it. A falafel wrap. Well, when I say we, I am actually just talking about myself. It’s the royal we. I wonder if the Queen eats Falafel? #Falafel #queeneatsfalafel?

As you can see, it may take a while to get to grips with the modern media. Anyway, I was in Cardiff, I was on Twitter, and I was ready for a falafel. Our no.1 choice (Falafel Wales) was shut, and my well to do friend turned up her nose at another one down ‘chippy alley’, so we ended up at Atma Cafe, a Hare Krishna place which does a range of vegetarian and vegan food. For Cardiff, £4.95 was a bit pricey for a falafel wrap, but falafel must get eaten and it was special treat. It was, the menu boasted, a ‘quinoa falafel’. I was confused, but intrigued. How would it stay together? What would it look like? I mused these questions and more as I took in the details of the cafe, the smell of incense, the spider man quotes  ‘with great power comes great responsibility..’

atma falafel angle

It came, and fast. And it was red! Not the normal brown crispy outside with the luscious green interior, no! It was red. And I have no idea how they made it, as I didn’t ask but had beetroot in it that I suppose/hope gave it the lovely red colour. It was really delicious. It came with a little side of sweet sauce, sort of plum like or something and it was very nicely decorated on the plate. At first I was quite jealous of my friend with her tasty looking pie, as I am getting more and more tired of always having to choose falafel, but this was a new experience. Falafel with a twist. The salad was fresh and the bread wasn’t that great, just that typical wrap bread you get everywhere- but in general it was very filling, very flavoursome and, as mentioned before, a great colour. Check out their menu here http://www.atmacafe.co.uk/menu/


Falafel -5/5

Bread- 2/5

Salad – 2.5/5

Sauce – 4/5


  • Note to self – I must go somewhere really nasty soon and rip it to shreds, as all the recent reviews have been far too nice. I had been hoping it might be a bit preachy and spiritual, but the staff were pleasant and helpful and didn’t smirk at me in disdain or anything, dammit.
  • p.s please like and share and improve our online social media presence. Thanks!





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    1. Yes well I don’t exactly know how to do the symbol thing but our twitter is ratemyfalafel and so is our instagram. Hoep that helps, angel girl!


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