Guest Review- London Town

Mermaid Fish Bar :

189 Lower Clapton Road
London E5 8EG

Hackney Downs


It was Wednesday evening. We had spent it pleasantly watching ‘noise’ in an old church in Hackney. As we tiredly trudged home, almost deaf after the intense wall of noise we had experienced, hunger rumbled in our bellies and I decided to pop into my local and treat my visiting Bristolians to some falafel and chips. I’d had falafel from here before but it was quite a while ago, when my brain had been swamped by the intense anxiety of the capitalist working world, and so my memory of how it was had been clouded in a haze of worry and lack of clarity. Time to try once more.

The falafel came with a range of salad and sauces. I went for all salad and just the chilli sauce (the guy seemed highly dismayed that I wouldn’t take the garlic sauce – clearly a good choice for the non-vegans out there?) The falafel themselves were cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and soft and flavoursome inside, and were wrapped up in a thin flatbread with humous, chilli sauce and all the salads.


Positives : Definitely the tastiest falafel wrap I’ve had in a while, served to me by a smiley and jovial guy who seemed to be constantly winking and laughing.
Negatives – It was £5. Oh and the extremely tasty chilli sauce sadly caused my wrap to leak all over me, despite the paper wrapping. Maybe I wasn’t eating it fast enough.

Portions of chips were huge (a small was £1.50) and got the thumbs up from my Bristolian chums.
Innibriation rating: 0 (due to being on antibiotics)
All in all a shining, but slightly highly priced, 4/5

*Many Thanks to our guest blogger ‘Quaid’ for this submission. If any other falafel lovers out there want to write in, contact me and I’ll post it up. There is only so much falafel I can physically eat, TBH.


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