Happy International Falafel Day!

I’m ashamed to say that I was only informed of this special day a few hours ago. Luckily, I had not yet dined and immediately went to get a quick falafel dinner. I have been making my way through a great number of falafel takeaways on our street, but I am still only half way through as we really do live in a high falafel saturated area. This one was located at 161 Gloucester Road and is named CEDAR. A traditional Lebanese restaurant, it had a wide variety of Lebanese cuisine on offer. The restaurant was completely empty this particular Sunday evening. This doesn’t have any reflection on the food – it was excellent.


what is the pink stuff??

The bread was the type you can buy in our local fruit and veg but tasted lovely, a really nice amount of tahini sauce, hummus and chili sauce and a array of salad. In fact the only weird thing was an unidentifiable salad ingredient that was luminous pink.


And if you haven’t already, please remember to sponsor the Falafel-athon 2016– Raising money for refugees in Calais and Morocco.









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