And we have a winner- Best Falafel in Granada 2015 goes to….Rico Rico!

May 8th should be a national day of mourning. Death to the government!

However, not one to pessimistic, I have decided to focus on the positive things in life. Like falafel.

I was skeptical at first- these were big words
I was skeptical at first- these were big words

Over the course of the last few months living in Granada Spain, we have made it our mission to try as many different Falafel tiendas (shops) as possible. This has taken a lot of dedication and will power, friends, family and supporters.

But after much consideration, the best Falafel in Granada has been found. The prize goes to Rico Rico! (says it all on the tin really).*

The falafel shop is on c/ santa escolastica N°5, in Realejo. Not too far from Plaza Nueva, but hidden away just enough not to be in your face and a tourist magnet. The shop is run by some friendly Palestinians, who even go as far as to give you a free ‘granada style falafel tapas’ while you wait, topped with a little dollop of hummus. The perfect aperitif, especially if you are hungry or drunk. Another thing I particularly like about this place is decor. The red and gold arabic theme with decorative mirrors and plush chairs is perfectly complemented by the leather sofa and TV combo you can see going on behind the scenes as you wait for your falafel.

tasty titbits
tasty titbits

We discovered this gem about a month ago. During the last month, extensive research has been carried out, and we can honestly say that it was not a fluke. I have visited this particular shop at least 5 times, if not more. It’s actually getting a bit embarrassing, they probably think I have some sort of falafel addiction/obsession which could hardly be further from the truth. When you’re in the falafel business like I am, its not easy to avoid the occasional falafel. I digress.


Quotes from visiting friends:

“I want another one right now”.  “That’s good falafel”.  “I was impressed”.

2 different groups of friends visiting said they would go back again, and both groups did so. In fact on of my fatter friends had 3 in a row.

*Rico means tasty. Thus this takeaway is called ‘tasty, tasty’.

On to the review.

The points it is important to note is that the falafel is deep fried in front of your eyes, a rare occurrence in this part of the world. There was no sneaky microwaving going on behind closed doors, oh no. The falafel was deliciously crispy and green on the inside, just like it should be. The hummus was plentiful but not too drippy. The salad was nothing to write home about but had olives, which is a boon, and was fresh with onion, sweetcorn and lettuce. Salsa Blanca was not applied without prior consent, something that I personally appreciate due to my distaste for this particular dressing. However, another friend (Spanish) did express mixed feelings, saying she would have preferred it with the gross sauce. But she didn’t ask for it so that is actually her own fault. The service was friendly and they didn’t seem fussed by our rambling or at times incoherent babbling in Spanish/Arabic.

happy customers
happy customers

Falafel- 5/5

Salad- 4/5

Service 5/5

Dressing 5/5

Bread 4/5

Bonus points for Hummus 5+

Overall score- 4.5/5


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