Valentine’s Day Special

Note: We meant to publish this straight away after Valentine’s Day and do the hash tag /social media thing. But we didn’t, because we are too disorganised for this modern world. Because a woman needs humous in a falafel like a fish needs a bicycle… oh, wait. Happy Valentine’s Day 2015. We celebrated with dinner, and talking falafel over falafel with friends. Our restaurant of choice was Los Universitarios, situated approximately two minutes walk from our home. The anticipation was building, could this be our local?

were we interrupting something?
were we interrupting something?

Inside we all took our seats. A wide-screen television was playing the latest reality TV, thereby combining two of our passions. Good start.

an American man's bottom
an American man’s bottom

The show was called ‘Naked and Afraid’, a feeling that fluttered through me, as a matter of fact, when I realized this restaurant was unlicensed. Not to worry, we were here for the food. Which was rubbish.

high hopes
high hopes
crushing disappointment
crushing disappointment


Onto the review….

Los Universatarios, Calle Ancha de capuchinos, Granada, 18012

Price- 3 Euros – ‘meal deals’ available.

Good points about the falafel: Large – I was certainly full afterwards, and nice bread – a sort of flat bread, well-cooked, nicely constructed. These qualities, however, were not enough to rescue what was possibly the most disappointing falafel that I have ever had. Perhaps it was also the sense of VD gloom, but as I sat there, biting into the falafel alone (with five friends), all I could taste was the bitter sense of rejection. The falafel was, for a start, not cooked properly. So much so that it was crumbly and soft without the deep fried crispness that all falafel connoisseurs look for. The salad consisted of limp iceberg, some chopped carrot and a tiny amount of tomato. I chose not to have what everyone calls ‘white sauce’ as this seems to chiefly consist of mayonnaise, despite protestations to the contrary. However, the chilli sauce that I requested as an alternative was the 90 cent squeezy tube Mercadona stuff. Frankly, sub par. As a result, my falafel was far too dry. I dipped it in ‘american style’ ketchup to try to improve it but nothing would. Reports from the others indicate that their falafels, on the contrary, were frighteningly over-sauced. One of us had decided to go for the experimental ‘fried egg’ option, quote to come later (although the fact that he stopped eating it halfway and gave it to someone else speaks volumes.) We really wanted to like it. After all, the staff were friendly and multi-lingual, the toilet was fresh smelling, and, importantly, it was just a step down the road. Unfortunately we could not. We sloped off home, the aftertaste lingering on. Level of intoxication: 1/5 Flavour of Actual Falafel: 2/5 Condiments: 1/5 Salad: 1/5 Service: 3.5/5 Total: 1.75/5 Vegan Option- available (but shit).


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